Feature Friday: Johanna Wilbraham

Happy Feature Friday!

Today’s feature is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! We were truly astounded when we saw the incredible portraits by Johanna Wilbraham, and found out she creates these huge masterpieces by using jars to pour diluted oil paint straight onto the canvas! It’s amazing how something so unplanned and unpredictable can produce such beautiful results! Each portrait she does tells it’s own story and we love how she shows vulnerability and real women throughout her work. To learn a little more about the meaning behind her portraits, as well as her creative process, keep reading!

: Tell us a little about yourself.

: I am a British Artist who has lived in Australia for the last 6 years with my Aussie husband. I currently live in Melbourne where I have a little studio for some very large artworks. I work part time in an Art Gallery alongside my own creative practice. I’m obsessed with painting faces, hanging eclectic figurative artworks around my house in gaudy gold frames, playful folky illustrations and music, candles that smell like cookies, floral dresses, and my dog Fox.

: We love your portraits! How would you describe your current work?

: Thank you! This year I have been challenging myself to paint on a smaller scale than usual. I’m used to working on very large canvases, and it’s quite liberating for me to be working on small 40 x 40 cm boards right now. It also enables me to paint quicker and experiment more. With my technique there is a lot of drying time in between layers, so working small allows me to get the most of my little studio. I can’t quite get away from large works though, so always have a few of these on the go too. I would describe my current work as a group of colourful, expressive and quirky portraits of women in my life. The faces tend to have a sadness and vulnerability to them which is deliberately contrasted with bright, bold colour pairings and the use of flat pattern work.

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Feature Friday: LK Custom Creations

Happy Feature Friday!

headshotToday we’re excited to feature Lizz Klaras of LK Custom Creations! We love how she took her love of painting and turned it into a career — making her work stand out by using glass as her canvas! Her pieces are not only unique works of art, but are also completely usable! She’s truly inspired by her surroundings, creating glassware that has amazing depictions of nature and animals — they’re sure to make a statement in your own collection! Her brand’s story will definitely inspire you in your own creative pursuits, so keep reading to hear more about how she got her start, and to see the gorgeous transformations she gives these glasses and plates!

Castle Logo: Tell us a little about yourself.
lk: I am a freelance artist from a very small town in Illinois. My husband is in the military so we are currently stationed in Chesapeake, VA and we love it!  I have a five year old daughter who is very interested in art and is often found in my studio acting as my assistant.


Castle Logo: How did you get started with LK Custom Creations and hand painting glassware?
lk: For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a freelance artist but it took a while to figure out exactly what I could create that would be unique. LKCC originally started out as a custom invitation business.  I thought that combining my illustration skills with custom invitations would be a great fit.  I loved the design process but assembling them became a very daunting task for me.  I missed painting so much and I wasn’t about to hand paint hundreds of invitations!  I began to look for anything I could produce that could still be custom, yet outside the world of traditional 2D artwork.  Once I learned to paint on glass I was hooked!  It was usable art and that is what I loved most about it.  I started adding glassware designs to my Etsy site and instantly the glass art began to attract customers.


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Graphic Designer: Sarah Bassett


Happy Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 17.05.05!

534663_10151512158848272_373751887_nSarah Bassett is a Graphic Designer currently in her senior year at Boston University. As is evident, she is still a student. A lot of times students or recent graduates get a bad rap for lacking experience, focus and vision. As if toiling away in the “real world” and paying your dues is the only way to attain these attributes. However, all the dreamers out there know that this simply isn’t true and Sarah has proven it. At the age of 21, she has already developed a unique and consistent design aesthetic. I could spot her pieces from a mile away and know they were hers. They are also filled with her deep personal perspectives on different areas of life, showing her wide range of experiences. Additionally, they show her technical experience with a multitude of medias. Before going to BU, Sarah studied Fine Arts at the Art Insititute of Boston where she honed her skills in more traditional art forms like drawing and painting. After transferring to BU she also made the transition to graphic design, and it is where she found her home. Today, her designs are often examinations of her love of patterns, typography and bold colors. She is known for her ability to create detectable visual representations out of abstract concepts, as well as coherently tackle chaos in her designs. Somehow, she makes it all come together. Check out some of her work below with explanations about the concepts straight from the graphic designer herself!

Her designs aren’t only being shown to fellow BU graphic designers in the classroom, but she also designs for real world companies such as Plastiq, an online payment platform, as well as for Boston University’s Marketing and Communications office. Now, she has started her own brand, BASS DESIGN, and has her own website where you can see even more of her designs as well as her bookmaking, printmaking, fine art and photography. Make sure to check it out at http://sbasset6.wix.com/sarahbassett.

Keep a look out for Sarah’s designs in the future, whether she is working for an amazing company or doing her own thing, she is bound to be designing (excuse the pun) a fabulous career!