We Love Governors Island


After spending our first month living near NYC and getting to explore Manhattan, Brooklyn, a bit of Queens and Harlem, and A LOT of Hoboken… we decided to leave the city life for a little bit. We had heard of Governors Island and after seeing that it was only a $2 round trip ferry ride to get there, we thought “why not?” We’ve gone several times now and what I love most about the island is the epic views of Lower Manhattan, the free bikes on weekday mornings, and the hammocks. Our first time there, we just walked around the island, got lunch from the many food trucks there, and ended our day with Mister Softee ice cream, a NYC staple!

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Since we saw everyone riding bikes during our first visit, we knew we wanted to come back and have a leisurely day out of the city, just bike riding on an island. So we woke our roommate up super early to catch the ferry and make it to the island in time to get the free bike deal. Every weekday you can ride a cruiser for a free hour between 10am-12pm. Since New York is one of the most expensive cities and free things aren’t super common, we had to take advantage of it. Biking with the Statue of Liberty on one side and the Freedom Tower on the other was amazing. Plus since it was a weekday, the island wasn’t overly crowded and as an extra bonus we could ride down the hills as fast as we wanted!

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Although Governors Island isn’t a tropical island by any means, it is just as relaxing. We went to the one area of the island known as Hammock Grove and were lucky enough to each score our own hammocks! We spent the rest of the afternoon in these hammocks reading and it definitely felt like a little island getaway. If you’re tired of busy city life, a day trip to Governors Island is the perfect remedy!

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