Feature Friday: NomNomNYCGirls

Happy Feature Friday!

IMG_2328-2For today’s feature it’s all about food and since we are always looking for the best food in NYC ourselves, we thought who better to talk to than the girls of the food Instagram @NomNomNYCGirls?! We absolutely love their photos and by looking through their Instagram found so many places we want to go to! They’re constantly trying new foods so make sure to check out their Instagram to find some food inspo and plan your next meal out! They were awesome enough to do a video for us about how they got their start and they even shared some of their favorite restaurants in NYC so watch it below!

Upstate NY Lunch & Hike


We were back home in Upstate NY for the weekend, so our stepdad treated us to lunch at Man of Kent Tavern in Hoosick Falls. It was a beautiful day so we sat in their outside seating area, which was set up with cute tables and flowers lining the entire porch. Cailin got the Pulled Pork Sandwich, our stepdad got the Rodeo Burger and I got the Colonel’s Special Sandwich. Everything was delicious and we were stuffed to the brim.


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We Love Governors Island


After spending our first month living near NYC and getting to explore Manhattan, Brooklyn, a bit of Queens and Harlem, and A LOT of Hoboken… we decided to leave the city life for a little bit. We had heard of Governors Island and after seeing that it was only a $2 round trip ferry ride to get there, we thought “why not?” We’ve gone several times now and what I love most about the island is the epic views of Lower Manhattan, the free bikes on weekday mornings, and the hammocks. Our first time there, we just walked around the island, got lunch from the many food trucks there, and ended our day with Mister Softee ice cream, a NYC staple!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

Since we saw everyone riding bikes during our first visit, we knew we wanted to come back and have a leisurely day out of the city, just bike riding on an island. So we woke our roommate up super early to catch the ferry and make it to the island in time to get the free bike deal. Every weekday you can ride a cruiser for a free hour between 10am-12pm. Since New York is one of the most expensive cities and free things aren’t super common, we had to take advantage of it. Biking with the Statue of Liberty on one side and the Freedom Tower on the other was amazing. Plus since it was a weekday, the island wasn’t overly crowded and as an extra bonus we could ride down the hills as fast as we wanted!

photo 4 photo 5

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Although Governors Island isn’t a tropical island by any means, it is just as relaxing. We went to the one area of the island known as Hammock Grove and were lucky enough to each score our own hammocks! We spent the rest of the afternoon in these hammocks reading and it definitely felt like a little island getaway. If you’re tired of busy city life, a day trip to Governors Island is the perfect remedy!

photo 3

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Avocado Ice Pops Recipe


Back when I was a kid my Mom always used to make avocado popsicles. Maybe it has been the really humid summer we’ve been having in NY, but I was craving one after not having them for years. So I made it my mission to recreate them while I was home for my whole family to enjoy. So let’s begin!


One Avocado (This makes four medium sized popsicles)

1/3 Cup Condensed Milk

3 tbsp. of granulated sugar

photo 1

photo 3



1. Chop ripe avocado into cubes.

2. Place the sugar into enough water to cover it and let it dissolve.

3. Drop avocado cubes, dissolved sugar and condensed milk into a blender. Blend until creamy and smooth.

4. Pour mix into ice pop mold. Give the mold a shake to get rid of any air bubbles in the mix.

5. Freeze for about 5 hours or more.

photo 4

photo 5

That’s it! Now, this recipe will make super creamy avocado pops. The consistency will be very similar to double churned ice cream. If you are looking for something with more of a dessert feel this recipe may be your choice. However, if you would like them to be more refreshing and icy just add some regular milk or water into the mix until it’s at your desired consistency. For our first batch of ice pops we made the creamy version, so the next day we used leftover mix (from just the one avocado!) and added some milk, water and a little more condensed milk to make icier versions. Both were delish and were a step up on the healthy scale from all the ice cream cones I’ve been devouring this summer. If avocados and popsicles sound like a strange combination to you, just give it a try. It may become your new favorite summer treat!


Throwback to Summer Time Food


Now that winter is in full swing, I find myself daydreaming about those carefree, long and warm summer days. And of course, I’m always daydreaming about food. Enjoy…


A favorite summer treat: Fraps! Especially during Frappuccino Happy Hour.


One of Cailin’s all-time favorites: Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream!


Can you believe that is frozen yogurt?! Couldn’t even tell the difference.


Fried food. Enough said. Mouth watering…


Froyo is the best!


Shakeshack burgers or anything off the grill= summertime.



Iced anything from Starbucks.


Beignets for brunch are such a treat.



More coffee and froyo. Summer essentials.


Everyone needs to try an A&W rootbeer float in their lifetime. If there are no actual A&W food stops near you, try and buy A&W rootbeer in the grocery store and make your own!


BLIZZARDS from Dairy Queen! Those things defy gravity.


Hubert’s and Arnold Palmer are the perfect summer refreshments.


Orange Julius smoothies. So delish!




And remember, you are never to old to chase down the ice cream truck!