Feature Friday: Design Geometric

Happy Feature Friday!

This week we are featuring Santiago Legarrera of Design Geometric. We think it is so cool that he uses all geometric shapes to create his pieces. His work is full of dimension even though he uses 2D shapes to create them. In addition, his pieces have so much detail and even though they are abstract, the objects he creates look so realistic! We also love the glamorous feel his artwork has, making them perfect to hang up in your home. We were really curious to find out how he got started in this type of geometric design, so keep reading to find out why he started using this incredible technique and his advice for those hoping to start a business like himself!
Castle Logo: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in design.

10723838_883495555008310_1921655000_a[1]: First of all I want to thank you for electing me for the segment “Feature Fridays”. My name is Santiago Legarrera, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a graphic designer graduated from the University of Palermo, and entrepreneur since I am carrying out various projects related to clothing.

I chose design because I always liked art and everything related to creativity and innovation, that’s why when I finish school I decided to study this amazing career called Graphic Design.


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