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March Madness Game Day Outfit

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When TickPick, the no-fee ticket marketplace, asked us what we were wearing for March Madness, we were excited to get a chance to rep our teams! We’ve been Wisconsin Badgers fans since we were younger for both football and basketball, and a few years ago couldn’t stop watching Kansas Jayhawks basketball. So we put a look together for both teams! In these outfits all that’s left to do is chant “Rockchalk Jayhawk, KU!” and “On Wisconsin!”





Is it March Madness or March Sadness?


Now that March Madness is fully underway and we have our Sweet 16 teams, I’ve been laughing at the many tweets I’ve seen about brackets that have been destroyed. A lot of people are referring to the NCAA Basketball Tournament as March Sadness, which I do find pretty witty.

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Although my bracket is also ruined and I’m a little sad I didn’t win a billion dollars, I’m pretty happy with the quality of the games so far and just the fact that every weekend is filled with basketball! Here are my bracket busts so far:

Round 2: Ohio State vs. Dayton– I think it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of us messed up this one. For those who don’t know, Dayton has been playing really well and not only beat Ohio State but also upset Syracuse in Round 3.

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Duke vs. Mercer– I, like Matthew Berry, had Duke in the Elite Eight so that definitely was a big mistake from the start.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 17.36.11

Saint Louis vs. N.C. State– Not going to lie, I actually wanted Saint Louis to win, but put N.C. State as the winner of that game instead.

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New Mexico State vs. San Diego State– Opposite to my pick for the Saint Louis vs. N.C. State game, I picked New. Mex. St. because they were the team I wanted to win. Backfired again because they lost. It was a close one though and was decided in overtime.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 17.43.45

Harvard vs. Cincinnati– Another game that surprised viewers and ruined brackets everywhere.

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Kansas, Wichita State, and Duke were my biggest busts so far, because I had all of those teams going pretty far in the tournament. Instead Duke lost round two and Kansas and Wichita both surprisingly lost round three. However, I’ve still got 10 schools in the Sweet Sixteen, four teams in the Elite Eight, three out of the Final Four, both teams in the National Final, and my National Champion is still in it! I wanted to not stick to the typical Florida, Arizona, or Louisville choice for the tournament winner, so I went with Iowa State. Even though some games didn’t pan out the way that I wanted, there have been a ton of really close and exciting games that were fun to watch. Saint Louis and N.C. State was one of my favorites since they came back from a 16 point deficit at the half. Another great game was Manhattan vs. Louisville, and even though Manhattan lost, they really gave Louisville a run for their money, or for the title in this case.

Who do you guys have winning the tournament and what teams were your biggest bracket busts?Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 17.44.31