Catskills Camp Style


We always love dressing for the occasion, so when we had a weekend trip planned to The Catskills we each put together a look for the mountain vibes! I personally love western inspired style, but wanted to be comfortable at the same time, so I threw on this waaay oversized shirt and tied it into a knot at the corner to get somewhat of a more fitted look! I paired it with one of those button down denim skirts, but I love how it’s lined with brown suede to make it a little different than the norm. And of course — My favorite gladiators to top it off! Plus, I had to throw on my go-to flat brim hat when we went exploring the nearby town!

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Garden Style


After our cafe stop (see last post) we cut through Washington Square Park on our way to the PATH station. Tons of people were out enjoying the nice weather and the fountain. We also ran into this adorable, tiny community garden right next to the sidewalk. I love how in NYC little things like this always surprise you, and we couldn’t help but go in! It was filled with benches, a stone pathway and of course, tons of flowers! We found out it is called the LaGuardia Corner Gardens and my favorite part about it was the funny things the gardeners named their flowers. I remember one bush was named “Senior Prom!”


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