Feature Friday: NomNomNYCGirls

Happy Feature Friday!

IMG_2328-2For today’s feature it’s all about food and since we are always looking for the best food in NYC ourselves, we thought who better to talk to than the girls of the food Instagram @NomNomNYCGirls?! We absolutely love their photos and by looking through their Instagram found so many places we want to go to! They’re constantly trying new foods so make sure to check out their Instagram to find some food inspo and plan your next meal out! They were awesome enough to do a video for us about how they got their start and they even shared some of their favorite restaurants in NYC so watch it below!

Pizza Please!


Pizza has become somewhat of a trend as of late. They are making clothes and accessories with pizza prints on them, and there are thousands of memes out there proclaiming how glorious pizza is. If there is any food that deserves all this praise besides ice cream, I’d say pizza is a pretty good choice. So, in honor of pizza the roomies and I headed to Benny Tudino’s in Hoboken, NJ or as they call themselves, “The Home of the Largest Slice.” Now fest your eyes on some pretty large and in charge pizza slices. ***Yes, I achieved my goal of putting the word pizza in every sentence! 🍕 🍕🍕


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