Winter Weather Playlist


Happy (almost) Winter! Tomorrow is officially the first day of winter and today is Music Monday, so why not give you some new tunes to listen to this season! Although I love Christmas music, there are some times where I want to listen to something seasonal and wintery – just not Christmas carols. This playlist is the perfect fix for that! Plus, the first day of spring isn’t until March 20th, so you’ll have some great cold weather jams to hold you over till then!


Feature Friday: Singer Corina Seas


For today’s feature we’re excited to have electro-pop artist Corina Seas! Her debut EP, Flux, will be out on September 22nd and it’s filled with fun, danceable songs and some of the catchiest lyrics and tunes. After I heard her first single, Crystal Cove, I was singing it for days! In our interview below you can tell how passionate she is about her music and we loved learning more about the behind-the-scenes work in creating Flux, as well as what she’s trying to achieve with her good vibes-inducing music. Again, her EP comes out in just four days and her single Crystal Cove is available on iTunes and SoundCloud now so make sure to show her some support! 

Castle Logo: Tell us a little bit about yourself as well as how you got your start in music and how you knew you wanted to pursue a music career.
text - corina seas - purple: I grew up in Florida mostly, but my family is from Honduras and I was very fortunate to get to visit the country frequently.  I think going there put the world in perspective for me and really helped develop my sense of empathy, which is the basis for my humanistic approach to life and the meaning of things. That desire to connect with different people and learn new things was a big motivator in my wanting to pursue music professionally. Growing up, my parents were very enthusiastic about music too.  They aren’t musicians but they get down better than most and my dad is hilariously passionate when playing the air guitar.  So as soon as I could talk, I was running around singing, imitating musicians and making crazy voices and sounds, so it’s always been a part of me.

Pursuing music was something I always felt I needed to do. There was no specific moment when I chose to do music, it was just always my motivation for life and the only thing I felt I could really do and still be happy.  The future is remarkably insecure when attempting music, but it’s how I relate to people and how I find myself. I get a high from this that motivates my existence.  Music is everything to me.


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