Feature: Soulshine

Today we’re so excited to feature Jennifer Wosk of Soulshine. Just the name of her business alone gives off positive vibes! Not only that, but many of her necklaces actually have healing crystals and gemstones. We love this combo of beautiful pieces to wear with actual meaning behind them! She wanted to tell you guys all about her jewelry and the story behind it, so keep reading to learn more about this amazing brand. Then check out her jewelry and get something that will make your soul shine too!

1501469: The original inspiration behind my Soulshine jewelry collection is my talented grandmother, who traveled the world with my grandfather and collected antique beads, pendants and special pieces. From this, my grandmother created her jewelry line, Frances Switzer Originals. My grandmother was no longer able to continue her work and her amazing treasures were stored away.


For many years, I had thoughts in the back of my mind that I wanted to rescue these treasures and make jewelry. However, I allowed self-doubt to get in the way, listening to old stories telling myself that I was not creative. Some years ago, I told a friend about the beads and how I wanted to use them but did not feel capable. She encouraged me to just go for it. So I did, and here I am with my creativity and confidence awakened within me and I will never look back.


Through my world explorations, I have been collecting beads and unique pieces to add to the collection. My designs are inspired by my yoga practice, and my love of beauty and nature. I love to incorporate gemstones with specific intention for healing. Each design is unique, and I love to create custom designs for clients.


For more information about Jennifer and Soulshine click away!
Website: www.soulshineyoga.ca
Etsy Shop: SoulCollection

Instagram: @SoulshineCollection


Outfit of the Day!


For a casual day of classes I decided to keep it simple. Whenever I’m stumped on what to wear, I go for my vintage black and white polka-dot shirt. I found it in a thrift store and what really caught my eye about it was the added florals! I finished the look with black jeans, fur-lined wedges and a peach statement necklace. Simple as that! Since it only took a few minutes to decide on an outfit, I had plenty of extra time before I had to jet out the door for class and was able to get a good breakfast in. Whenever you are feeling like having a lazy day, you don’t need to grab the sweat pants. Stock your closet with just one classic shirt and your lazy days will be much more put-together!

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