Fourth of July Style


Happy Fourth of July all! We love everything that comes with this holiday — celebrating America and our independence, eating some classic foods, and wearing our red, white, and blue! We both put together outfits that were a little different than the norm and love how they came out. First off, I am obsessed with Tara’s look because… just look at that t-shirt! She thought it would be super fitting to wear a cheeseburger covered tee since it’s a staple July 4th food after all! Even better, these cheeseburgers have faces and are just too adorable and funny! This is definitely a statement tee.

Along with this epic tee (from Delia*s back in the day), she topped it with a denim slip dress and really cool Swedish clogs from MIA Shoes. (I got them for her as a birthday present this year! Success!!) She also threw on a few matching Pura Vida bracelets and wore a red lip to give it that red, white, and blue look!

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Fall Outfit of the Day


For today’s fall outfit I wore this awesome Saturday Evening Post tee that I actually got at a unique gift shop in Buffalo. I tied a crochet sweater around my waist to add an extra fall layer, and threw on my absolute favorite ripped boyfriend jeans. These jeans are perfect because if you don’t feel like wearing tight skinny jeans just yet but it’s too cold for shorts, you can wear a loose boyfriend cut.

I also love the half bun topknot trend since it’s an easy way to make it look like you put some effort into your hair even if it only took 30 seconds! What are some of your favorite fall trends? Whether they be hair, beauty or style we want to know!

IMG_5559 IMG_6498 IMG_5556 IMG_5723

Street Art + Street Style


Street art makes the perfect backdrop for some street style! For this look I wanted something edgy, that still had a summer vibe to it. I wore a graphic tee, faux leather and cotton skirt and a crochet vest. It can be hard making your black pieces work on beach weather days, but this crochet vest gives the whole look a music festival vibe which is perfect for summer. I finished the outfit with some wrap around belt booties. Booties and mules are my fave winter to summer shoes. They work so well with almost all outfits at any time of the year. Cailin also wore a graphic tee and a purple elastic cinched skirt with pocket details. Once again, I’ve had most of these pieces for a long time, but I’ve listed some look-alike items below. Happy shopping!








Belt Wrapped Bootie

Faux Leather Zipper Skirt

Crochet Vest

Feature Friday: Illustrator Isabel Arsenault

HappyScreen Shot 2014-03-14 at 17.05.05!


This week we welcome illustrator Isabel Arsenault to Feature Fridays! She has been drawing and illustrating since she can remember, and is now starting her own illustrating business. We love her simple tip at the end to “practice, practice, practice!” Whenever we take on a creative pursuit we hear those words so much that we often forget it’s some pretty good advice. Even the best need to keep practicing to stay the best. In fact, since starting our Feature Fridays so many of our Features have had tremendous growth in their work. It’s really fun to watch everyone’s progress! Maybe, we should do a “Where Are They Now Feature Friday” edition. Comment below if that’d interest you. As for Isabel, we know we will see many more amazing illustrations from her in the future as her business expands! Read her interview and see some of her pieces below.

Castle Logo: How did you begin illustrating?
10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: I think like a lot of graphic artists I was born with a pencil in my hand! At school I was living for the art classes, and of course drawing even in the other classes! So at 16 I went to Art School and then went to Fashion School where I got a degree in Fashion Design. Still, my favorite class was illustration class! Then I got a BACC in Graphic Design and still took illustration classes.

21aout14 iphone pix 281

Castle Logo: How did you go about finding your signature illustrating style? Or are you still trying to find it?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: I grew up watching Disney’s Cinderella and Sleeping beauty. Then came Albator and Candy, Japanese animes (manga style) who, I think, are what defined my style at fashion school without me really knowing about it and are still a part of my style. But I am working to improve my style as I try to give the women more softness, finesse and details in the movement ant the expressions. I do have to work on my patience. 🙂


Castle Logo: Is illustrating your hobby or something you want to make a career?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: Right now I am in the process of starting my own business as a Fashion Illustrator! It is a very exciting new project! I sometimes feel like I am an impostor in the illustration world but I am working on that!!


Castle Logo: Do you do other types of art or creative things?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: Actually, after graduating from Graphic Design school, I went and got a degree in Biomedical sciences (don’t ask! I guess this is what happens when you are too curious!) And then worked for 10 years in neurosciences research. Believe it or not you have to be really creative to work in research lab! I love it!


Castle Logo: What about your surroundings inspires you the most?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: All of my drawings are inspired by fashion photography. The light, the poses, the beautiful models are what makes me want to draw!


Castle Logo: How would you describe your personal style? Does it match your illustrating aesthetic?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: In real life I love simple street style fashion. I am happy in jeans and t-shirts or a nice man shirt but I tend to illustrate fancier stuff! I guess what represents me the most in my illustration is the ballerina bun! I have to fight to not draw all my ladies with ballerina buns.


Castle Logo: What art supplies do you use?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: I’ve tried a lot of medium in school. But what I love the most are pencils, markers and inks. I plan to do digital art very soon!


Castle Logo: Do you sell your work or take commissions?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: Yes I am starting to take commissions and I am planning on opening a shop to sell online soon!


Castle Logo: In what areas do you wish to improve or expand your illustrating skills?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: I really want to experiment with digital illustration to improve the final looks of my drawings. I think I have a long way to go before I can feel totally satisfied with my work, I am a perfectionist. I guess this means practice practice practice!!!


Castle Logo: What are your greatest dreams/goals?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: Since I am starting my own illustration business I can say that one of my dream goals is to make a living of what I like the most doing: illustrating beautiful things and beautiful people. I also would love to travel all around the world and maybe someday live somewhere I didn’t  expect I would!


Castle Logo: Tell us a little bit about who you are?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: I am a French speaking mom with 2 beautiful kids! I live in Montreal, Canada. I love music, architecture, design, fashion, art supplies and I also love Neurosciences and profiling psychology!  Even if I am starting as a fashion illustrator, I am still working as a consultant in a pharmaceutical research lab and I like being able to express both sides of my personality!


Castle Logo: Any advice for fellow illustrators out there?

10641266_10152854070404524_2300033892039762819_n: No advice, all I can tell people who are passionate about drawing is to take pleasure in what they do, always. And then, practice practice practice!!!!


New York Fashion Week 2014


This week Cailin and I were able to go to New York Fashion Week to see Anna Sui’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. I interned there over a summer and it’s one of the perks of the internship to be invited to the shows each season. It’s always fun to reunite with my intern girls, prance around Lincoln Center and experience the catwalk the way industry insiders do. Our first stop was the Anna Sui showroom to pick up our tickets. The office was bustling with last minute preparations for the show, so we quickly picked up our tickets, got a quick soup at the Pret a Manager nearby and then headed to Lincoln Center.

IMG_1856 IMG_1858 IMG_1863 IMG_1875

It was pretty cold in the city, so we both opted for leather jackets in order to stay kind of warm! We didn’t want to haul around big jackets when we were inside, so we just decided to bear the elements as best we could. I finished my look with a pair of printed pants and wedge booties. Cailin completed her look with leather lined leggings and colorful stilettos.

IMG_1878 IMG_1891 IMG_1894 IMG_1910 IMG_1912 IMG_1918 IMG_1923

This season the inside of Lincoln Center had a dark, luxurious feeling. They had their typical seating and food areas, along with their high tech screens of the various fashion shows going on in every corner. Before the show we had fun stopping by the Samsung Galaxy booth and getting our portraits drawn on their tablets, and getting cute tote bags.

IMG_1930 IMG_1931 IMG_1937 Sketch13471357


Then it was showtime! I really liked the collection for the coming up Fall season. It was a throwback to many different decades in fashion. It had a 20’s, hippie vibe that also tied in some modern trends like sporty bomber jackets. Overall, I though it was a pretty cool look. To see the collection head over to

IMG_1956 IMG_1963 IMG_2003 IMG_2007 IMG_2021 IMG_2030 IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2040

After the show we were invited to the E! Glamcam hangout on the second floor of the venue. The Glamcam is the same one they use on celebrities at big events that give a 360 degree view of what they are wearing. It was fun to have the same experience as the celebs! You can see the Glamcam in action here:!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 23.34.16

Sadly, we had to leave the city to catch a train back home before the huge snow storm hit, but we had a great time at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!