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Feature Friday: GlennCoFinds

Happy Feature Friday!

Today we’re so excited to feature Kayla Glenn of GlennCoFinds! What makes it so exciting is 1. Her shop is AMAZING and 2. She just happens to be our very first shop owner of vintage and antique goods! We not only love the items she curates, but also how enthusiastic she is about purchasing items that have a story and a background — making them so much more unique! Successful thrifting and antiquing is not an easy task, and Kayla has a lot of great tips for making your trips really pay off with some incredible finds. We are huge advocates of filling our homes (and closets!) with previously owned items, and GlennCoFinds is the perfect place to begin your journey to making your own space more individualized. Keep reading to learn all about the background of Kayla’s shop and to seriously swoon over the unique treasures that GlennCoFinds discovers.

: Tell us a few things about yourself!

: Hi! My name’s Kayla and I’m a 23-year-old wife living in Iowa City, working full-time as a nanny to the two squishiest turkeys in all the land. Jesus is my reason for being, I’m a college drop out, have 1,632 hobbies, love making things fit perfectly into my trunk, and classic rock comes out on top of the music chain in my world. I am also incredibly sarcastic, which makes my personality seem quite strange through writing.

: All of the products you’ve found for GlennCoFinds are so one-of-a-kind and stand out pieces! What kinds of items initially grab your eye and how would you describe the items you fill your shop with?

: Mid Century pieces are hands-down my favorite things to find. The easiest way to find mid century pieces for me, is by looking out for colors. Pretty specific color pallets were used in the 50’s and 60’s so this makes it a bit easier to spot items on the surface. Interesting enough, most of the items actually in my shop aren’t mid century. These pieces are becoming harder to come by as this style is coming back into rotation for the general public. I also get really pumped when I find something totally weird and unusual. Fact: I wanted our wedding theme to be weird and unusual and my mother wasn’t having it. Anyway, trying to describe my items as a whole is darn near impossible, which makes my collection eclectic, I suppose.


Thrift Store Finds


I didn’t have any classes today and since it’s infamous syllabus week, I needed something to fill my day. So, Cailin and I took a trip to the thrift store. For those who have never thrifted before, throw away any inhibitions you have about it! I know it seems a little weird, buying stuff that someone else has worn or used, but it’s like a treasure hunt. You can find some great designer labels, cute glassware and mugs, awesome records and so much more! Sometimes you can even find brand new clothes! Kind of like how Marshalls or TJMaxx gets the overstocked inventory from designer labels, thrift stores often partner up with big box retailers who want to give their extras to a more charitable cause.

Thrift shopping is often a hit or miss kind of thing. Some days I come out with a shopping cart full of great finds. Other times, I walk out with nothing at all, but the hunt is always exciting. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a first time thrifting experience that goes a little something like this: After digging through some incredibly 80’s-styled shoulder padded dresses, you come upon a perfect dress that is in great condition. It’s your size and then you take a closer look and see a tag is still attached! Ah, it’s brand new and only $4! You snag it up right away and head to the checkout counter. The cashier rings it up and complacently tells you, “Your total is $2.” You’re a little confused…the tag said $4. The cashier reads your expression and recognizes you’re a thrifting newbie. She let’s you know that it’s half off on blue tags today. You didn’t even know! You hand her 2 bucks and head out the door humming Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop” and feeling like a queen.


Today, we walked out with four cheeky mugs and three trendy wine glasses. Cailin also found a great Starbucks travel mug. The best part about that find is the double discount! She bought it for $1.99 and if you use it in Starbucks cafes you get a $.10 discount on your drink. Well, $.10 isn’t that much, but you are contributing to waste reduction! So for all you thrifting first timers, good luck! Hopefully you’ll find some amazing items with equally amazing deals!


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