latest vintage find


Y’all know I love thrifting and finding great vintage pieces. I found this amazing 40s style dress on my last thrifting adventure and it has become one of my favorite vintage purchases. It has so many cute details and is a great representation of how Dior’s “New Look” trickled down into casual ready-to-wear during the late 1940s.


Golden Skirts & Golden Hour


This outfit has a special place in my heart (lol) in the sense that it is a combo of pieces that I have owned for forever, but never had a way to put together. Cailin got me the yellow scalloped skirt when she was out thrifting – maybe a year ago. The shirt was just waiting for turtle necks to make a comeback and the tights were picked up five years ago while studying abroad in London.


Chunky Chenille Sweater


Nothing says comfortable like a chenille sweater! I have a few in my closet from the actual 90s, but this one I got thrifting. Chenille has made a huge comeback this year and is being sold by practically every brand, but these sweaters have also been sitting in thrift stores everywhere waiting for the style to come back, so I’d definitely recommend stopping by your local spot before shopping at a big name retailer.


Feature Friday: GlennCoFinds

Happy Feature Friday!

Today we’re so excited to feature Kayla Glenn of GlennCoFinds! What makes it so exciting is 1. Her shop is AMAZING and 2. She just happens to be our very first shop owner of vintage and antique goods! We not only love the items she curates, but also how enthusiastic she is about purchasing items that have a story and a background — making them so much more unique! Successful thrifting and antiquing is not an easy task, and Kayla has a lot of great tips for making your trips really pay off with some incredible finds. We are huge advocates of filling our homes (and closets!) with previously owned items, and GlennCoFinds is the perfect place to begin your journey to making your own space more individualized. Keep reading to learn all about the background of Kayla’s shop and to seriously swoon over the unique treasures that GlennCoFinds discovers.

: Tell us a few things about yourself!

: Hi! My name’s Kayla and I’m a 23-year-old wife living in Iowa City, working full-time as a nanny to the two squishiest turkeys in all the land. Jesus is my reason for being, I’m a college drop out, have 1,632 hobbies, love making things fit perfectly into my trunk, and classic rock comes out on top of the music chain in my world. I am also incredibly sarcastic, which makes my personality seem quite strange through writing.

: All of the products you’ve found for GlennCoFinds are so one-of-a-kind and stand out pieces! What kinds of items initially grab your eye and how would you describe the items you fill your shop with?

: Mid Century pieces are hands-down my favorite things to find. The easiest way to find mid century pieces for me, is by looking out for colors. Pretty specific color pallets were used in the 50’s and 60’s so this makes it a bit easier to spot items on the surface. Interesting enough, most of the items actually in my shop aren’t mid century. These pieces are becoming harder to come by as this style is coming back into rotation for the general public. I also get really pumped when I find something totally weird and unusual. Fact: I wanted our wedding theme to be weird and unusual and my mother wasn’t having it. Anyway, trying to describe my items as a whole is darn near impossible, which makes my collection eclectic, I suppose.


Exploring East Nashville


Even though we all had traveled and just arrived to Nashville that morning, we wanted to make the most of our day and check out our new stomping grounds! We got an Airbnb in East Nashville and it was an adorable house near a huge park and conveniently 5-15 minutes from everything. A lot of the other houses in the area, like the one below, were super colorful and almost every one seemed to have an adorable porch swing! We personally love staying in Airbnbs because it’s cool to be in a more residential area and get a glimpse of how a Nashvillian lives! We picked one in East Nashville because we had heard the area was growing and had a lot of cool spots, but was outside of the toursity areas.



Well what we heard was true — because East Nashville quickly became one of our favorite pats of the city! After stopping into our house to get the Greyhound off of us, we headed to Five Points to walk around, see some street art, and shop! Five Points is the center of East Nashville in terms of food and businesses! Right away we stumbled upon a huge few walls that had a bunch of murals and grabbed some photos.



Sporty Vibes


We’re all about the laid back sporty look for running around doing errands. We also just like to get away with essentially wearing baggy tees and sweatpants in public. My look consists of an extra baggy athletic tee, a vintage jean jacket, leggings, wedge sneaks and a white baseball cap. I got the tee out thrifting and the jacket is from my lovely sis’s closet. If you’re looking to be a little more intentional with your shopping habits we’d definitely recommend thrift, consignment and vintage shops. We always come across the best finds for a fraction of the cost, you’re reducing waste and most use their profits to benefit amazing causes.





DIY Lace Up Tee in Chelsea


The weather was a little nicer than usual, so we thought, “Why not take a walk on the Highline!?” We actually hadn’t been to the Highline in over 2 years since it’s pretty far on the West Side, but it was the perfect day to walk around, pop into Chelsea Market, and end the day with the famous artichoke pizza at Artichoke Basile’s.


I was super excited to debut my most successful DIY upcycled shirt – I literally got this cool tee from Salvation Army for $1 (can I get an amen for Half-Priced Wednesdays at Salvation Army!?) It’s a tee from a building supply company but I thought the graphic was pretty cool so I took it home to cut it up!



Fashion: Nautical Prints


Nautical prints always catch my eye. They instantly make me think of carefree days boating on a lake or sitting on a beach watching the sailboats go by. I found this shirt at a thrift store and loved how there was a big anchor shape knitted right into the fabric. I like how subtle the anchor is and I actually think it makes a greater impact being the same color as the rest of the shirt. I also think the cut of the neck is really interesting. It is a high, straight neck line with ribbed knitting, which you don’t see too often on today’s clothing. That’s one of my favorite things about thrifting, vintage silhouettes! I paired the look with some statement white earrings from my Mom’s collection, light-wash jeans and last but not least my favorite summer wedges! I LOVE these heels because I’ve never seen anything like them. They were made in Italy and have the words Dolce & Salato (Sweet & Savory) in Italian embroidered on them. To accompany the saying there is a slice of cake on the dolce heel and a savory egg dish on the right heel. They are so fun to wear and they certainly get people’s attention.


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Fashion Blogger: Christina Daniels


Happy Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 17.05.05!

dsc_0928Today we’re featuring Christina Daniels, a fashion blogger who alters thrift shop finds and makes them her own. She has a strong background in fashion and is currrently studying fashion design and merchandising at Albright College. Ultimately, Christina would like to end up in Visual Merchandising or Styling, but has also had some great experience in Store Operations. She also runs her own website, called which shows her personal thrift shop purchases while giving readers DIY tips to make these finds more fashionable. We’re amazed at how she can take something that is seemingly out of date or too large a size and then convert it to something you could see in a real high-end boutique. Christina was nice enough to do a DIY guide exclusively for Castle Foundations! Check it out below and let it inspire you to be creative in your own fashion choices!


Okay, so before we get started, there is something I must preface with. I apologize in advance for my nails and gross fingers. They were ruined and chipped after a botched batch of dye. But hey, we all have those days, don’t we? Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get started!

Okay, so I prepared something special for all of you and I think you are going to love it! I found some inspiration for this DIY project from the Wes Gordon Spring 2104 line (link for photo here It is something very simple and elegant, but also easy enough that you can make alterations to suit your own style.

So to start out, pick up a suitable blue skirt ($3.99) and lace ($2.99) from Goodwill. Most likely the lace will be cream or white, but don’t worry if you want to make it black. You can pick up Rit Dye at your local craft store, or if that doesn’t work (I know mine didn’t because of the fabric), you can also paint it black. You may need to check your linens section as mine ended up being an old curtain! I am very picky about my lace and wanted that similar style in Wes Gordon’s piece with the intricacies at the bottom of the lace, getting simpler towards the top of the lace.


I had to take my skirt in a bit to make it fit how I wanted. I flipped the skirt inside out and pinned to where I wanted the sides to be.


If you have elastic on the skirt, which you most likely will have, this is the tricky part. On the extra elastic band that you want taken off of your skirt, in order to take it in, cut open the fabric. Open it up so you have access to the elastic, but leave a good few centimeters on both sides by where you will need to take the skirt in. You will need the extra fabric to hand sew the waistband shut after adjusting the elastic size.


You may have to also cut the elastic out as well if it is sewed to the skirt. And cut it a few centimeters past where you opened up the fabric to give you some more room to sew.


Cut the elastic in the middle of this extra section.


Overlap the cut elastic (making sure it will lay flat when against the body) until the ends reach the point where you are taking the skirt in, and sew.


Next, take the skirt in before hand sewing it closed.



Once this is done, put your skirt on and decide where you want your lace slit to end. Take the skirt off and cut. It is a little terrifying but I assure you, you cannot mess it up! Now you are going to laugh at this next part, but position your lace where you want it and hot glue it to the skirt. Yes, I said hot glue. It makes it more manageable to work with and allows you to really align both sides since symmetry is key. I wanted a rougher look, so I glued my lace on top of the skirt and then cut off the excess after.



You can then reinforce the glue by hand sewing over it. I wouldn’t recommend using your machine over the glue as it might get stuck or break.

And Voila!





Looks amazing, huh?! Can you believe it only cost $7 to buy the skirt and lace? If you find yourself staring at your closet wishing you had a new piece, try this or any of the great DIY pieces Christina has on her website. You will save a buck and feel really accomplished after making your own fashion masterpiece!