DIY Lace Up Tee in Chelsea


The weather was a little nicer than usual, so we thought, “Why not take a walk on the Highline!?” We actually hadn’t been to the Highline in over 2 years since it’s pretty far on the West Side, but it was the perfect day to walk around, pop into Chelsea Market, and end the day with the famous artichoke pizza at Artichoke Basile’s.


I was super excited to debut my most successful DIY upcycled shirt – I literally got this cool tee from Salvation Army for $1 (can I get an amen for Half-Priced Wednesdays at Salvation Army!?) It’s a tee from a building supply company but I thought the graphic was pretty cool so I took it home to cut it up!



Fashion: Nautical Prints


Nautical prints always catch my eye. They instantly make me think of carefree days boating on a lake or sitting on a beach watching the sailboats go by. I found this shirt at a thrift store and loved how there was a big anchor shape knitted right into the fabric. I like how subtle the anchor is and I actually think it makes a greater impact being the same color as the rest of the shirt. I also think the cut of the neck is really interesting. It is a high, straight neck line with ribbed knitting, which you don’t see too often on today’s clothing. That’s one of my favorite things about thrifting, vintage silhouettes! I paired the look with some statement white earrings from my Mom’s collection, light-wash jeans and last but not least my favorite summer wedges! I LOVE these heels because I’ve never seen anything like them. They were made in Italy and have the words Dolce & Salato (Sweet & Savory) in Italian embroidered on them. To accompany the saying there is a slice of cake on the dolce heel and a savory egg dish on the right heel. They are so fun to wear and they certainly get people’s attention.


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Fashion Blogger: Christina Daniels


Happy Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 17.05.05!

dsc_0928Today we’re featuring Christina Daniels, a fashion blogger who alters thrift shop finds and makes them her own. She has a strong background in fashion and is currrently studying fashion design and merchandising at Albright College. Ultimately, Christina would like to end up in Visual Merchandising or Styling, but has also had some great experience in Store Operations. She also runs her own website, called which shows her personal thrift shop purchases while giving readers DIY tips to make these finds more fashionable. We’re amazed at how she can take something that is seemingly out of date or too large a size and then convert it to something you could see in a real high-end boutique. Christina was nice enough to do a DIY guide exclusively for Castle Foundations! Check it out below and let it inspire you to be creative in your own fashion choices!


Okay, so before we get started, there is something I must preface with. I apologize in advance for my nails and gross fingers. They were ruined and chipped after a botched batch of dye. But hey, we all have those days, don’t we? Now that I got that off my chest, let’s get started!

Okay, so I prepared something special for all of you and I think you are going to love it! I found some inspiration for this DIY project from the Wes Gordon Spring 2104 line (link for photo here It is something very simple and elegant, but also easy enough that you can make alterations to suit your own style.

So to start out, pick up a suitable blue skirt ($3.99) and lace ($2.99) from Goodwill. Most likely the lace will be cream or white, but don’t worry if you want to make it black. You can pick up Rit Dye at your local craft store, or if that doesn’t work (I know mine didn’t because of the fabric), you can also paint it black. You may need to check your linens section as mine ended up being an old curtain! I am very picky about my lace and wanted that similar style in Wes Gordon’s piece with the intricacies at the bottom of the lace, getting simpler towards the top of the lace.


I had to take my skirt in a bit to make it fit how I wanted. I flipped the skirt inside out and pinned to where I wanted the sides to be.


If you have elastic on the skirt, which you most likely will have, this is the tricky part. On the extra elastic band that you want taken off of your skirt, in order to take it in, cut open the fabric. Open it up so you have access to the elastic, but leave a good few centimeters on both sides by where you will need to take the skirt in. You will need the extra fabric to hand sew the waistband shut after adjusting the elastic size.


You may have to also cut the elastic out as well if it is sewed to the skirt. And cut it a few centimeters past where you opened up the fabric to give you some more room to sew.


Cut the elastic in the middle of this extra section.


Overlap the cut elastic (making sure it will lay flat when against the body) until the ends reach the point where you are taking the skirt in, and sew.


Next, take the skirt in before hand sewing it closed.



Once this is done, put your skirt on and decide where you want your lace slit to end. Take the skirt off and cut. It is a little terrifying but I assure you, you cannot mess it up! Now you are going to laugh at this next part, but position your lace where you want it and hot glue it to the skirt. Yes, I said hot glue. It makes it more manageable to work with and allows you to really align both sides since symmetry is key. I wanted a rougher look, so I glued my lace on top of the skirt and then cut off the excess after.



You can then reinforce the glue by hand sewing over it. I wouldn’t recommend using your machine over the glue as it might get stuck or break.

And Voila!





Looks amazing, huh?! Can you believe it only cost $7 to buy the skirt and lace? If you find yourself staring at your closet wishing you had a new piece, try this or any of the great DIY pieces Christina has on her website. You will save a buck and feel really accomplished after making your own fashion masterpiece!

Outfit of the Day!


For a casual day of classes I decided to keep it simple. Whenever I’m stumped on what to wear, I go for my vintage black and white polka-dot shirt. I found it in a thrift store and what really caught my eye about it was the added florals! I finished the look with black jeans, fur-lined wedges and a peach statement necklace. Simple as that! Since it only took a few minutes to decide on an outfit, I had plenty of extra time before I had to jet out the door for class and was able to get a good breakfast in. Whenever you are feeling like having a lazy day, you don’t need to grab the sweat pants. Stock your closet with just one classic shirt and your lazy days will be much more put-together!

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