Shakespeare in the Park: King Lear


I love everything about Shakespeare’s plays and there is really nothing like seeing them performed. After all, Shakespeare’s prose was intended for the stage, so if you aren’t particularity keen on Shakespeare, or remember tirelessly trying to get through Elizabethan English in high school, I’d definitely recommend attending a performance. Shakespeare in the Park is the perfect opportunity to do so. It’s always free to the public, so you don’t have to make a financial investment and it’s possible you can get tickets just by entering their virtual lottery on their website. Even if you end up seeing a tragedy, which statistically is very probable, Shakespeare always has great comic relief. One of my favorite things about Shakespeare is how his plays can still get a whole 21st century audience laughing. It just shows how timeless his writing and themes are. Okay, enough with my Shakespeare rant haha!

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So Cailin, who also shares my affinity for Shakespeare, and I went bright and early (5am!) to the Delacorte Theater Box Office in Central Park to wait for the free ticket distribution. You should try to get there around 6am if you want to hopefully guarantee yourself tickets. They start handing out tickets at noon so it was quite a wait, but it wasn’t so bad since we just chilled on a blanket with lots of coffee on a nice morning in the park.

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The inflatable pool lounges were my favorite form of a makeshift bed. People came prepared!

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For the rest of the day we picnicked on the Great Lawn and strolled around Shakespeare Garden until showtime. We were lucky enough to catch the last run of The Public Theater’s production of King Lear. The show was excellent and everything from the acting, production, and costumes to the set design was just great. You really are getting a huge deal being able to see a Shakespeare production of this caliber in NYC for free. Next summer we are definitely planning on going to more!

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