Fruit for Thought – A Subscription Box for Fruit Lovers


We were excited to receive February’s Fruit for Thought box, especially since it’s theme was “Strawberries & Champagne” – the perfect Valentine’s Day combo! Fruit for Thought is a monthly subscription box for all those fruit lovers out there. Each month they have a new fruit-centered theme and in the past have done boxes like Piña Colada, Fruit Salad, and Pink Lemonade!


We wanted to give a little review of the box and all the fun items it contained — kind of like an unboxing! Subscription boxes are great because they’re so fun to go through and discover new item after item! Fruit for Thought’s boxes have 6-8 curated items all centering on the monthly theme.


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We’re super late to the game, but we hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Cailin and I used the day as an excuse to treat each other to basically anything either of us wanted to do. Cailin chose to go to A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which we will cover in another post coming up this week! We planned on going to the show on Valentine’s Day, but missed the rush tickets so we opted to extend Valentine’s Day to Sunday and Cailin treated me to breakfast at Dough and dinner at Umami Burger, which you’ll also be able to check out in an upcoming post. This post alone will make you hungry enough, haha!





We went to the Flatiron location of Dough which originally started in Brooklyn. It’s a small space with only one large table for seating, so you may have to stand around stalking out a seat for a little while if you plan on eating there. All the doughnuts looked absolutely delicious, so it was really hard to choose, but I ended up deciding on the Hibiscus and Dulce de Leche flavors. Cailin got a Nutella filled donut and their Chocolate Raspberry flavor. The Hibiscus and Raspberry flavors came in heart shapes to celebrate the holiday! How adorable is that?!




They were so delicious. The Hibiscus was really fruity and sweet tasting. I don’t know how to describe the flavor exactly as I’ve never had anything like it (it gets some of its flavor from actual hibiscus flowers), but if you’ve ever had any fruity flavors on doughnuts before, you’re sure to like this one. The Dulce de Leche was all the caramelly creamy goodness I thought it’d be and the toasted almonds added a great crunch.



Cailin loved her Nutella filled doughnut as it was the closet thing she’s going to get to the Nutella filled beignets we had in Nice, France. She just wished it was a little larger, since the size is much smaller in comparison to the non-filled doughnuts. Cailin is a lover of all things chocolate raspberry so she undoubtably loved that the raspberry flavor really held its own against the chocolate.




In addition to the innovative flavors what I liked most was how crispy the dough was on the outside and how light and fluffy it was on the inside. The crisp was similar in taste and texture to actual fried dough. YUM! They also aren’t stingy with the amount of glaze they put on, so you never have a bite that isn’t as good as the next. We can’t wait to try some more flavors on our next visit.