Athletic Style


You guys know I love my unique clothing pieces, so when I saw this Desigual sweater I got all heart eyed. It has a fun kind of sporty casual vibe, but is also filled with color and sequins!

If any piece of clothing combines several different fabrics and cuts I’m all about it. This sweater has so many color blocking, texture, and trim details. I really loved how the bottom was the trim of a traditional bomber jacket in the back, but they cut it off for a high-low hem line.


Skater Dress


I love a fun skater dress. The best part about them is they flatter just about every body type and they’re super comfortable. This dress also has some cool details like ruching on the sleeves, which give it a vintage vibe that I’m all about. I wore this one on my birthday, back in June (apologies, Cai and I are playing some serious catch up on here haha), because I like to dress up a bit every year on my bday.

I’m like a kid in the summer…excuse all the bug bites and bruises on my legs haha
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Gold Details and Oversized Cardigans


I love mixing fancy clothing pieces with really casual ones and that is exactly what I did with this outfit. Cailin and I were in the city to go to Christmas Eve service at Hillsong NYC and to hit up the markets for some last minute shopping. A casual look and sneaks are a great way to stay comfortable when you’re walking all over the city. I knew I was going to wear my Vans because they are super comfortable, so I planned the rest of my outfit around that.


Embroidered Bomber Jacket


Bomber jackets are just the best for an effortlessly cool look. I got this flower embroidered one from Target and what makes it even better is that it’s sweater material! It is literally the comfiest thing and is so soft.


Feature Friday: Sneakers by Jordana

Happy Feature Friday!

Screenshot (170)This week we are featuring Jordana Schrager of Sneakers by Jordana. We love her amazingly detailed and eye-catching sneaker designs. We also love how she turned a simple hobby into a business with celebrity clients! Since Sneakers by Jordana orders are all custom made you can only imagine all the amazing creations you can dream up and Jordana can create. With her success in the shoe industry Jordana also started SKICKS, a shoe company that lets you rep your college team in style. Read on for more from Jordana and how she does it all.

Castle Logo: Tell us about yourself and what made you start Sneakers by Jordana.

9b48b31d22f9480467153dba765f311a: I started customizing Vans in high school! One night, I was grounded for staying out past my curfew and was stuck in my room with nothing to do. I saw a pair of old white Vans sneakers on the floor next to me and decided to doodle on them. After a few hours of doodling and designing, the sneakers were no longer white, but were pieces of art! From then on, I continued to customize sneakers. What started out as a hobby customizing sneakers for my friends and family grew into my very own business!

Screenshot (177)