Feature Friday: GlennCoFinds

Happy Feature Friday!

Today we’re so excited to feature Kayla Glenn of GlennCoFinds! What makes it so exciting is 1. Her shop is AMAZING and 2. She just happens to be our very first shop owner of vintage and antique goods! We not only love the items she curates, but also how enthusiastic she is about purchasing items that have a story and a background — making them so much more unique! Successful thrifting and antiquing is not an easy task, and Kayla has a lot of great tips for making your trips really pay off with some incredible finds. We are huge advocates of filling our homes (and closets!) with previously owned items, and GlennCoFinds is the perfect place to begin your journey to making your own space more individualized. Keep reading to learn all about the background of Kayla’s shop and to seriously swoon over the unique treasures that GlennCoFinds discovers.

: Tell us a few things about yourself!

: Hi! My name’s Kayla and I’m a 23-year-old wife living in Iowa City, working full-time as a nanny to the two squishiest turkeys in all the land. Jesus is my reason for being, I’m a college drop out, have 1,632 hobbies, love making things fit perfectly into my trunk, and classic rock comes out on top of the music chain in my world. I am also incredibly sarcastic, which makes my personality seem quite strange through writing.

: All of the products you’ve found for GlennCoFinds are so one-of-a-kind and stand out pieces! What kinds of items initially grab your eye and how would you describe the items you fill your shop with?

: Mid Century pieces are hands-down my favorite things to find. The easiest way to find mid century pieces for me, is by looking out for colors. Pretty specific color pallets were used in the 50’s and 60’s so this makes it a bit easier to spot items on the surface. Interesting enough, most of the items actually in my shop aren’t mid century. These pieces are becoming harder to come by as this style is coming back into rotation for the general public. I also get really pumped when I find something totally weird and unusual. Fact: I wanted our wedding theme to be weird and unusual and my mother wasn’t having it. Anyway, trying to describe my items as a whole is darn near impossible, which makes my collection eclectic, I suppose.


LIC Flea & Food


As much as we love Smorgasburg, we’ve tried so much food there that we wanted to switch it up a bit and had heard the Long Island City Flea & Food Market had a ton of new vendors we had never heard of! Plus, aside from Mets games we don’t head to Queens that often, so we thought it would be the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

IMG_5245 IMG_5206

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Sunday Funday Outfit


I just love Sundays. Cailin and I start the day by going to church, which always puts me in a good mood and I was even more happy this Sunday because football is back! I typically like to dress up a little for church, but never anything too fancy. I ended up wearing this navy collared and floral patterned vintage dress. I finished off the look with a blue skinny belt and my trusty oxford shoes. The collar on this dress gives it some polish, which I think works well with the loose silhouette. This outfit would’ve been perfect for enjoying the rest of the day going to outdoor markets or sitting in a park, but I changed into loungewear the second I got home and plopped myself on the couch to watch a full day of football. Well, maybe next time I’ll get use out of this dress for a full Sunday Funday!

photo 3

photo 4
photo 1

photo 2

photo 5

Houndstooth Style


I love a good pattern and houndstooth happens to be one of my favorites. It is so versatile. It can be bold and daring, or chic and classic. This time I went for bold look with these houndstooth leggings I got for Christmas and one of my Mom’s vintage sweaters. I love borrowing things from her closet or thrifting for vintage finds since they always have the most unique details. I particularly adore this black velvet sweater because of its intricate cut-outs on the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves. It also has a scalloped neckline that makes the loose cut and silhouette of the sweater girly and delicate.

IMG_2862 IMG_2871 IMG_2873IMG_2854IMG_2880IMG_2885

I finished the look with a pair of black wedged booties, a fishtail braid and since I had to lug around three huge textbooks, I had to have my cheetah book bag!

Outfit of the Day!


For a casual day of classes I decided to keep it simple. Whenever I’m stumped on what to wear, I go for my vintage black and white polka-dot shirt. I found it in a thrift store and what really caught my eye about it was the added florals! I finished the look with black jeans, fur-lined wedges and a peach statement necklace. Simple as that! Since it only took a few minutes to decide on an outfit, I had plenty of extra time before I had to jet out the door for class and was able to get a good breakfast in. Whenever you are feeling like having a lazy day, you don’t need to grab the sweat pants. Stock your closet with just one classic shirt and your lazy days will be much more put-together!

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