Maker Monday: Illustrator Beth Briggs

Happy Maker Monday! 

This week we’re featuring illustrator, Beth Briggs, as part of a new expansion of our Feature Fridays! We love her fun and expressive illustrations. Her pieces portray a lifestyle, capture a client’s style or even show off the personality of your beloved pet! Beth’s story to becoming a full-time illustrator is so inspiring and is a testament to not giving up on your dreams and taking the leap to pursue them wherever life has landed you. It’s never too late or too early to dream chase. Beth has always identified as an artist and we think that’s a big part of recognizing your passion. Find something that makes you feel more like yourself, as Beth did, the world will take notice! Keep reading to learn more about Beth’s creative journey!

: Tell us a little about yourself.

: My story is best summed up as reinventing myself at 50, I guess! I began my custom illustration business in 2014 when I found myself stuck in a non-creative day job and longing to illustrate again. My kids were just about grown up and I realized it was now or never to see if I could turn my dream into a reality. On my 50th bday I began to post daily fashion stories (illustrated collages featuring a fashionable character) on IG. I am very excited to finally be quitting my day job to pursue my illustration career full time thanks to the renewed popularity of fashion illustration and the wonders of self promotion through social media! I didn’t even have a Facebook account prior to 2014 lol. I will be moving to sunny Sarasota in May 2017 where I will continue to grow my online business which includes custom pet, bridal and fashion portraits along with live fashion and party sketching. I hope to pursue my love for teaching watercolor technique as well. I’m adding digital products as well such as Clip Art Collections to encourage the artist in everyone!

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